One to One Student Laptop Program

The Santa Maria Joint Union High School District provides each student with a district owned laptop computer to be used for academic purposes. All incoming ninth grade students receive a Lenovo ThinkPad. Students keep their laptop throughout their time in high school. The technology department provides various levels of support for students, including:

  • A dedicated student computer technician at each school (stationed in the school library)
  • A dedicated technology teacher at each school site, supporting instructional technology and online learning platforms

Please visit the "Technology Support Overview" link for more detailed information. 

Student laptops are district issued learning materials. Students are expected to:

  • Keep their laptop in clean, working condition
  • Visit their school's student computer technician to seek support or report damage
  • Use their laptop for academic purposes only
  • Understand that all content and communication on the laptop is monitored and filtered by the district
  • Bring their charged laptop to school daily

Current replacement costs for student laptop computers:

Year IssuedDevice TypeReplacement Cost
2020/21Lenovo ThinkPad 300e Yoga 2nd Gen.$130.00
2021/22Lenovo ThinkPad 300e Yoga 2nd Gen.$230.00
2022/23Lenovo ThinkPad 300w$440.00
2023/24Lenovo ThinkPad 500w 3rd Gen.$556.00


Current replacement cost for student laptop chargers:

Lenovo USB-C Charger - $44.00


Lenovo Student Laptop